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Act now to BAN FUR FOR GOOD!
1,000,000 signatures from EU citizens like you can help ban cruel fur farms and put a definite end to the fur industry.

Join us and sign the official European petition for a #FurFreeEurope.



We need 1,000,000 signatures from EU citizens like you to ban cruel fur farms and put a definite end to the fur industry in the EU.



Fur farming is inherently cruel and it is widely rejected by EU citizens.

It is impossible to improve the welfare of animals on Fur Farms. Whilst no animals should live in a caged environment, the keeping of inherently wild species in cages can only be defined as abject cruelty.

The keeping and killing of animals solely for the purpose of fur production is ethically unacceptable.

It’s time to BAN FUR FOR GOOD!

Say No to cruel fur farms,
Say No to luxury fur items,
Say No to cheap fur fashion,
and Say No to animal suffering and killing for fur!

Sign the official European Citizens’ Initiative petition for a #FurFreeEurope

We need to end the barbaric fur industry in the EU!
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Act Now for a

Time after time, undercover investigations have revealed the harsh truth about fur farms in Europe. The shocking conditions which animals have to endure only to be skinned and killed for outdated and unnecessary fur products.

Add your name today to the official European petition #FurFreeEurope!

Why sign to ban fur
for good in the EU

Fur farms
are cruel

Innocent animals like foxes, raccoon dogs, and minks are kept in horrific conditions. Tiny cages to barely move in, wounds left open, rotting and untreated. Some die in the cells next to their companions. The ones who survive these unbearable conditions are gassed, electrocuted, and skinned for their fur.

Fur is bad news
for Earth

The fur industry likes to say that “fur is natural and sustainable”, but don’t let them mislead you. Fur has a significant adverse environmental impact. Fur farms pollute local water bodies, soil, and air quality. The dressing and dyeing of fur involve toxic chemicals which cause land pollution. In addition, animals that escape can cause real damage to the native wildlife in the EU.

Fur is a threat
to our health

During the COVID-19 pandemic, hundreds of farms were affected by coronavirus outbreaks, and new variants have been transmitted from animals to humans. We need to avoid a public health catastrophe.

Want to know more about why we need to
Download our Facts & Figures Infographic here.

This petition is supported by 75+ organisations in Europe:


Many fashion houses and luxury brands like Prada, Gucci, and Dolce Gabbana are already fur-free. Even the international fashion magazine Elle pledged to go fur-free. What are we waiting for? With your EU citizenship, you can push to make fur fashion from cruel farms illegal in the EU. Say No to Fur.
Don’t let the fur industry mislead you into supporting animal cruelty. It’s time to close all fur farms and ban the sales of farmed fur in the EU!

Fur can be faking it!

The fake Faux fashion.

Fur is not only found in expensive luxury items. Often low-cost clothes like winter hats and jackets with hoods and accessories still contain real fur even when, in some cases, you think it’s fake fur. That’s why all fur farms need to close, and we also need a BAN on fur sales in the EU!

Act Now, sign the official European petition #FurFreeEurope 

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How your signature makes
a difference with the European
Citizens’ Initiative

Together, we
REALLY have a

We need to prove to the European Commission that EU citizens want to end fur farms for good. With 1,000,00 signatures, the European Commission MUST respond and take action.
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Past success
means it can

In our previous collaboration on intensive animal farming with the European Citizens’ Initiative ‘End The Cage Age’, we not only managed to get over one million signatures, but the European Commission passed legislation to phase out cages. This change is historic, and we did it with citizens like you!

Your data and
personal information are

The European Commission has strict rules on data processing and storage. That’s why when you sign the European Citizens’ Initiative, you can be sure that your personal information is safe and protected. If you additionally want to join the newsletter community of FOUR PAWS International in Step 1 ‘Join’, you can be assured we follow high-standard privacy rules. Check out our privacy policy for more information.

Want to know more about why we need to
Download our Facts & Figures Infographic here.

Buy a fur product, and you buy the history of suffering of millions of animals. So, what if it wasn’t even an option?

Add your name today to the official European petition for a #FurFreeEurope.


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Our vision is a world where humans treat animals
with respect, empathy and understanding!

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influence the influencers

Most fashion-conscious influencers know that fur is no longer acceptable, but the fashion industry is still not 100% fur-free in Europe. Influencers have a lot of reach and can raise awareness of this issue. Contact your favourite influencers on social media to get them involved! Together we can stop the use of fur in the fashion industry FOR GOOD.

If your favourite fashion influencer is not yet aware that fur farms need to be closed and fur fashion needs to stop NOW, you can send a DM with this urgent message.

Dear <name>,

I love your inspiring work! And I wanted to tell you about a big issue we could really use your help on. In the EU, cruel fur farms still exist, and fur products are still sold to consumers. This happens even after many big brands and a global fashion magazine have spoken out against it. We have a chance to change this, and you could make a huge difference!

Could you help spread awareness of the official #FurFreeEurope petition and share the link with your community? If you want more info visit: furfreeeurope.four-paws.org

Thanks so much!
<your name>

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